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"The Error of Her Ways"
By JadziaKathryn

Rating: G
Disclaimer: All characters herein are property of Paramount, and the author makes no money from this. Quark would be horrified.
Genre: General - Jadzia D.
Description: Missing reconciliation scene between Jadzia and Sirella in You Are Cordially Invited.

After closing the communication channel, Sirella stood and readied herself for Jadzia’s arrival. She did not expect that the impudent, wanton, disrespectful Trill would show any real remorse. Sirella was obliged to listen to her entreaty. She was not obliged to permit the wedding.

“Come in,” she called when the door chimed. Jadzia immediately bowed, and to Sirella’s surprise her posture was commendable.

“I beg your forgiveness, Lady.” She did not rise or even look up.

“Why now?” Sirella would not give her permission to rise. She doubted Jadzia would manage to maintain the respectful pose without looking up in anger.

“I have realized the error of my ways.” Though slightly and uniquely accented, the child’s Klingon was quite good.

“You are too vague. Specify.”

“I forgot my place, Lady.”

Sirella circled around for effect. “And how does one forget one’s place before the Mistress of the House of Martok?”

“I – Curzon – was the Federation ambassador to the Klingon Empire.”

That was certainly not the answer Sirella had expected, which was something about how she was so overwhelmed by love that she forgot herself. “You Trill make everything complicated.” Jadzia said nothing. Perhaps she had learned some wise habits from her former lives after all. “Why do you not marry one of your own people? Another Trill would understand you.”

“Worf is my par’Machai.”

Sirella considered this. “You felt that I dishonored your past.”

“It was I who dishonored you.”

“Answer the question.”

“Yes, Lady.”

“Then rise.” Jadzia did as she was told. “Look at me. In the House of Martok, you must earn your own honor and merit. I doubt that you will forget that.”

“No, Lady.”

“Then we are finished. Prepare for your wedding.”

Jadzia smiled. “Thank you, Lady.”

Sirella gave only a curt nod. Once she was alone, however, she smiled herself. The girl had more honor than Sirella had first assumed. However, she was willing to admit when she was wrong. She also loved Worf enough to submit to the deeply humbling ritual begging of forgiveness.

Even though she was an alien, Jadzia Dax would make a worthy addition to the House of Martok.

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