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Commander Tucker Has a Baby
By Alelou

Disclaimer: CBS/Paramount owns Star Trek Enterprise and everything about it. Unexpected was written by Rick Berman and Brannon Braga.
Genre: Drama
Description/Author's Note: This story takes off from the point in Unexpected when Archer nearly gets the Xyrillians and his own crew killed by Klingons, who then become strangely cooperative. The final act of this otherwise charming episode seemed so wrong to me that I wondered what would happen if Archer wasnít an idiot at this key point...which led me to wonder what would happen if Trip actually had to deliver that kid. And so thatís what you have here. It goes AU for only one episode without changing any later plots in the canon. No overt romance here, but key relationships are developing (especially Trip & TíPol) or being tested (Trip & Archer).

Status: Complete

Chapter 1 (PG), 30 July 2008
Chapter 2 (PG), 30 July 2008
Chapter 3 (PG), 30 July 2008
Chapter 4 (PG), 30 July 2008

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