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Missing Scenes from Season Two
By Alelou

Disclaimer: All things Star Trek belong to CBS/Paramount, not me. As a missing scene, this story also obviously owes a debt to the episodeís writers, Rick Berman and Brannon Braga. It also owes a debt to Chrissie's Transcripts Site, which makes it much easier to work with existing scripts.
Genre: Missing Scenes, Adventure, Angst, Trip/T'Pol, Drama, General, Humor
Description: I felt the perverse desire to play hooky from my real life obligations today, so Iím back to this, though I cannot promise steady production. If you read my missing scenes from season one, you know the drill: because we can never have enough Trip and TíPol, I take an existing episode and insert a canon-friendly TnT scene into it. I should note that Kotik has already posted some missing scenes for season two (after politely asking my permission, which he really didnít need). I do not intend any offense at all when I say I am just going to ignore those and do my own thing, though I suppose we may overlap at times (I havenít read all of his and at this point I donít plan to until Iím done).

Status: In Progress

Shockwave, Part 2 (PG), 7 May 2010
Carbon Creek (G), 7 May 2010
Minefield (PG), 7 May 2010
Dead Stop (PG), 7 May 2010
A Night in Sickbay (PG), 7 May 2010
Marauders (PG), 7 May 2010
The Seventh (PG), 7 May 2010
The Communicator (PG), 7 May 2010
Singularity (PG), 7 May 2010
Vanishing Point (PG), 7 May 2010
Precious Cargo (PG-13), 7 May 2010
Catwalk (PG), 7 May 2010
Dawn (PG), 7 May 2010
Stigma (PG), 7 May 2010
Cease Fire (PG), 7 May 2010

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