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No Lasting Effects
By Alelou

Disclaimer: All things Star Trek belong to CBS/Paramount. So does my tiny little pension.
Genre: TnT romance/UST/angst.
Description: Post “Precious Cargo” and “Singularity,” Trip and T’Pol are on an away mission together and arguing even more than usual. Trip gets clumsy and requires some Vulcan nursing. Then things REALLY get interesting. However, no canon was harmed in the writing of this fanfic.

Author's Note: The Vulcan night vision is borrowed from Rigil Kent, who has left us and our heroes hanging in 'Divergent Paths' and all over the fraking place. Also, when I was writing this I mixed up the order of 'Singularity' and 'Precious Cargo', but as they say on earth, c'est la vie.

Status: Complete

Chapter 1 (R), 30 July 2008
Chapter 2 (R), 30 July 2008
Chapter 2 (NC-17), 30 July 2008

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