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The Lerteiran Chronicles
By Blackn'blue and Distracted

Disclaimer: This all started in Blacknblue’s fertile brain, and he invited Distracted along for the ride. The Star Trek universe and all previously seen characters belong to Paramount. All of the original stuff belongs to us, but we’re just having fun. This is a strictly not-for-profit partnership.
Genre: Action Adventure and just a tad of romance (eventually)
Description: A "Star Trek Enterprise" spinoff series. Follow the adventures of a Boomer named Daniel and his Andorian shipmates as they try to make a living hauling freight from system to system on the good ship Lerteiran, exploring strange new worlds and even stranger inhabitants. You might even recognise a few of their new acquaintances.

Status: In Progress

Episode 1 – Into the Lion's Den (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Episode 2 - Friendly Persuasion (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Episode 3 - A-Hunting We Will Go (PG-13), 2 March 2008
Episode 4 - Reparations (PG-13), 27 April 2008
Episode 5 – Dangerously Beautiful (PG-13), 21 July 2008
Episode 6 – Just Deserts (PG-13), 14 September 2008
Episode 7 – Probability Analysis (PG-13), 15 January 2009
Episode 8 – Cat and Mouse (PG-13), 5 April 2009
Episode 9 – Lessons in Practical Diplomacy (PG-13), 23 August 2009
Episode 10 – What Women Want (R), 13 April 2010
Episode 11 – Getting to Know You (R), 13 April 2010

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