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By Blackn'blue

Disclaimer: I donít own Star Trek. I wrote this for fun. Anyone is free to download and/or redistribute this story as long as you keep it complete and intact, and as long as you donít make any money from it.
Genre: Mirror Universe, Trip/T'Pol
Description: This is a continuation of the MU story that ended with In A Mirror Darkly - 2. If you consider the book "Glass Empires to be canon, then I suppose this would be AU. If not, take it as you will. In this story, MU T'Pol learns that nature, even in the mirror universe, abhors a vacuum and tends to strike a stable balance in all things. Or in other words, payback is a real bitch.

Status: In Progress

Part 1 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 2 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 3 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 4 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 5 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 6 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 7 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 8 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 9 (R), 14 February 2008
Part 10 (R), 21 July 2008
Part 11 (R), 23 February 2009
Part 12 (R), 1 June 2009
Part 13 (R), 13 April 2010
Part 14 (R), 17 April 2010
Part 15 (R), 17 April 2010
Part 16 (R), 17 April 2010

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