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Guessing Game
By Distracted

Disclaimer: I’m still not making any money doing this.
Genre: “Sincerest Form of Flattery” Challenge
Description: Here begins a series of short vignettes I wrote for a writer’s challenge on another website. The challenge was to write a story somehow involving the Star Trek: Enterprise characters Trip and T’Pol in the style of a well known author. The readers were then supposed to guess who it was. When I’m done I’ll give a listing of who I was trying to imitate for each story. To make things easier, here is a list of authors to choose from:

Douglas Adams
Piers Anthony
Charlotte Brontë
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Helen Fielding
Ernest Hemingway
Frank Herbert
James Joyce
Edgar Allen Poe
Terry Pratchett
JRR Tolkien
Mark Twain
Kurt Vonnegut

Ready? Okay… here goes.

The Naming (PG), 14 February 2008
Boy Meets Girl (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Andorian Summer (PG-13), 14 February 2008
The Object of My Desire (PG), 14 February 2008
The Birthday Party (G), 14 February 2008
Fish Camp Tale (PG), 14 February 2008
Brainstorm (PG), 14 February 2008
Combat (PG), 14 February 2008
Crossogre (PG), 14 February 2008
Performance Enhancer (PG-13), 14 February 2008
No More Chocolate-I Mean It! (PG-13), 14 February 2008
The Wizzard of Shnozz (PG), 14 February 2008
Lullaby (PG-13), 14 February 2008

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