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A Virtual Season 6 Series
By Distracted

Disclaimer: All canon characters and the Enterprise belong to Paramount. The new stuff is all mine, especially the parts in black leather.
Genre: Romance, Action adventure
Description: Post Terra Prime AU series detailing the further adventures of the crew of the Enterprise.

Status: Complete

Paradox: Snatch and Grab (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Paradox: Undercover (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Paradox: The Hunt (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Paradox: Revelations (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Paradox: A Time to Mourn (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Khellian: The Spirit is Willing (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Khellian: The Flesh is Weak (PG-13), 14 February 2008
Khellian: The Hour is at Hand (PG-13), 14 February 2008
To Go Boldly Part 1 (PG-13), 14 February 2008
To Go Boldly Part 2 (PG-13), 14 February 2008

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