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Are We There Yet?
By Linda

Disclaimer: No filthy lucre changed hands.
Summary: Itís vacation time for our favorite couple on Vulcan.

Authorís note: Reading the bit about indicator signals having different meaning in different cultures in The Lerteiran Chronicles, sparked the idea for this story. Shades of that VOY episode where Tom Paris had to take remedial spacecraft driverís education from an alien, also came to mind. And then, maybe the long reaching shadows of Ricky and Lucy Ricardo having an animated conversation colored my thoughts.

Status: Complete

Chapter 1 (PG), 11 March 2008
Chapter 2 (PG), 16 March 2008
Chapter 3 (PG), 25 March 2008
Chapter 4 (PG), 28 March 2008
Chapter 5 (PG), 30 March 2008
Chapter 6 (PG), 2 April 2008
Chapter 7 (PG), 4 April 2008
Chapter 8 (PG), 6 April 2008
Chapter 9 (PG), 8 April 2008
Chapter 10 (PG), 10 April 2008

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