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Moving Forward
By luli27

Disclaimer: Neither the characters, the original concept, most of the medical explanations . . . Umm, might be easier this way: nothing belongs to me except the plot. Oh, wait, Jennifer is mine too!
Genre: I'd have to say romance/drama.
Description: Everything up to and including Terra Prime.

Author's Notes: Well, here's the sequel to "Last Chance". I honestly had no plans to write a sequel when I started to write LC; it was just that one shot I had to get out. But then I wrote the scene where T'Pol saw Trip with Jennifer and I had the overwhelming urge to write her losing control. But I couldn't because that wasn't the plot I'd plan on. So, musie started planning and before I knew it, I had the plot for a sequel. And here it is!! This one is multichapter as opposed to LC but it is done. First time I ever post a multichapter fic that's done. I'll be posting an ep every two days; maybe sooner if you guys really ask for it :) Blackmail, you say? That's such an ugly word. I didn't say it was the wrong word, just that it is an ugly one :). Anyway, it's only three chapters, though I am thinking of writing another sequel after that. We'll see how it goes. Before I go, I have to thank Puppet, my beta. I'd also like to acknowledge that all the info I didn't know off hand I got from Alpha Memory. It's a really cool site where you can have almost any Star Trek question answered. Ok, enjoy!!

Status: Completed

Moving Forward - Chapter 1 (PG-13), 30 September 2008
Moving Forward - Chapter 2 (PG-13), 2 October 2008
Moving Forward - Chapter 3 (PG-13), 14 October 2008

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