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Star Trek: Lost Prophets
By Jon May

Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not claim to own Star Trek or any property of Paramount's. I've not been paid for this work and have written it in my spare time. The settings, mannerisms, affectations, and the reference to any and all Star Trek canon is used for creative purposes and not for material gain. I own the plot, characters, and much of the settings in place within this story and have not been contracted to produce them.
Genre: Action, Drama
Description: When a series of devastating attacks aimed at Federation and Starfleet targets spreads across the Bajoran sector, the crews of Deep Space Nine and the Enterprise must work together to discover a threat that is much larger then any of them realize. As old friends are lost and others return to help, the two intrepid crews must face the greatest risk of all to keep the Federation from being drug into a second war with the Dominion.

Author's Note: This three part crossover mini-series is basically done. There are a few rough points along the way but it shouldn't hinder your ability to enjoy the story. It could have probably gone into a fourth part, but at a combined nearly 300 pages, it's already a monster. I've had some thought of doing some revisions at some point, and breaking it up into a larger number of more manageable parts. I don't if or when that will ever happen though. Special thanks to Darrell Schielke, for all his help in this project.

Archivist's Note: These are PDF files in script format, so they may take a few extra seconds to open.


Part One, 13 December 2008
Part Two, 13 December 2008
Part Three, 13 December 2008

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