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Star Trek: Birthright

by koinekid

Based on Star Trek Enterprise



Paramount and Viacom hold exclusive rights to all characters and story elements associated with the television series Star Trek: Enterprise. The following story has been created for entertainment purposes only, and no profit has been made by the author.

Characters appearing for the first time in this fiction include:

  • LCDR Gregory Matthews

  • GySgt Carlos Tudyk

  • LT Folarin Onafowokan

  • Xoss

  • T'Kin

Such characters should not be considered part of Star Trek canon. But then, nothing in this fiction is part of Trek canon, is it?

Other characters herein exist in canon, but do not appear on screen, remain wholly or partially unnamed, or both.

First names have been invented for these characters in this fiction:

  • Arthur Black*

  • Dominic Gardner

  • Jeremy Hayes (Canon establishes his first initial as "J.")

  • Clara Hess*

  • William Matt Jeffries (Canon seems to establish his initials as "W.M.")*

*These characters are mentioned in the series, but do not appear on screen.

**Captain, later Admiral Gardner is mentioned in the series, but appears only in the Mirror Universe. Admiral Black (herein still a Captain) is mentioned only in the Mirror Universe and does not appear on screen.

A complete name has been given to Chef: Marcus De La Croix, and to T'Pol's father: Dradox. Both characters are mentioned in the series, but do not appear on screen.

Certain familial relationships in this fiction may not reflect the relationships as presented in the series. Specifically, there is nothing in the series to suggest that Chef is Trip's maternal uncle.


1. UESPA is in my mind more akin to NASA than a military organization. Historically, more NASA astronauts have had a background in the Air Force than the Navy. Should this trend continue, it seems likely that a yet to be created independent Space Probe Agency will employ an Air Force rank structure (Colonel, Lt. Colonel, etc.) rather than a Naval one (Captain, Commander, etc.). I considered utilizing such a structure for UESPA, but ultimately chose to retain the more familiar Trek Naval System. "Colonel Archer," though perhaps more likely, would appear unnatural to the reader.

2. Enterprise's military contingent, known on the show as "MACOs," are herein called simply "Marines" and employ a US Marine rank structure. This squad, however, is referred to by the nickname "Macos." Think of the famed World War II Easy Company.

3. There is no Starfleet. UESPA has a fleet of Warp 3 and 4 capable ships, but Starfleet is a Federation term.

4. Technology is considerably less advanced during the mid twenty-second century than the twenty-third or twenty-fourth. Certain technological marvels that only multiple species laboring together would bring about do not yet exist. Thus, there are no transporters, no replicators, no holographic recreation, no phasers, no tractor beams, no energy shields, etc. There are directed-energy weapons, and really thick hulls. Few windows exist on this ship.

Cast of Characters


Commanding Officer: Jonathan Archer, CAPT

Executive Officer / Chief Engineer: Charles Tucker III, CDR

Chief Science Officer: Gregory Matthews, LCDR, 3IC

Chief Tactical Officer: Malcolm Reed, LT, 4IC

Chief Sociolinguistics Officer: Hoshi Sato, LT

Asst. Chief Engineer: Clara Hess, LT

Helm: Travis Mayweather, ENS

Senior Military Officer: Jeremy Hayes, Maj

Marine: Carlos Tudyk, GySgt

Marine: Amanda Cole, Cpl

Chief Medical Officer: Phlox

Vulcan Liaison: T'Pol, SCDR Vulcan Military (Inactive)

Chef: Marcus De La Croix


Commanding Officer: Dominic Gardner, CAPT

Executive Officer: Erika Hernandez, CDR


Head of NX Program: Maxwell Forrest, RADM

Head of Special Projects: Arthur Black, CAPT

Head of Warp Development: William Matt Jeffries, CAPT

Warp Development Team Member: David Kelby, LCDR

Aide to Admiral Forrest: Folarin Onafowokan, LT

Vulcan Ambassador: Soval

First Secretary: T'Kin

Second Secretary: Xoss


Administrator of the High Command: V'Las

Member of the High Command: Kuvak, Minister

Aide to Administrator V'Las: Dradox

(husband to T'Les; father to T'Pol)

Chair of Biology, Vulcan Science Academy: T'Les

(wife to Dradox; mother to T'Pol)


Chapter Listing:

Chapter One: Shakedown (incomplete)

Part 1, 14 February 2008
Part 2, 14 February 2008
Part 3, 14 February 2008

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