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The Happy Medium Universe
By Eian Flannagan

Disclaimer: Paramount owns the sandbox, I'm just sticking my shovel in it. Admission is free so I've made no pennies. Bring your own beverages.
Genre: TnT Romance
Description: A universe in which Trip and T'Pol go through the process of merging their lives in an effort to prove logic and emotion can exist in harmony without sacrificing what it means to be either Vulcan or Human.

Status: In Progress

Act 1: Clearing the Air
Perpetuating the Misunderstanding (G), 12 September 2008
Not Close Enough (G), 12 September 2008
Saying Goodbye...As Well As...Hello (G), 12 September 2008

Act 2: Achieving Balance
Before Everything Else (G), 6 May 2010
The 2nd Tenet (PG), 6 May 2010
Hematology, Perspiration, and Lachrymal Angst (PG), 6 May 2010
Tucker Tenets (PG), 6 May 2010
Cheated (PG), 6 May 2010

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