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Counting Down to Zero
by Rigil Kent

Disclaimer: I own a big fat nothing. Not my hopes. Not my dreams. Nothing.
Genre: Drama, Episode Addition, Romance
Description: "Countdown" episode addition. For Sub-Commander T'Pol, twelve hours is an eternity...

A/N: This has long lain fallow upon my hard drive though some of you may recognize it from my LJ. There are 6 planned "chapters" and I hope I can finally figure out the ending...

Status: Complete

Chapter 1 - Z Minus Twelve (PG), 6 April 2008
Chapter 2 - Z Minus Ten (PG), 6 April 2008
Chapter 3 - Z Minus Seven (PG), 8 April 2008
Chapter 4 - Z Minus Five (PG), 13 April 2008
Chapter 5 - Z Minus Four (PG), 29 March 2009
Chapter 6 - Z Minus Three (PG), 29 March 2009

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