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Star Trek: Pioneer
By Darrell Schielke

Rating: R
Disclaimer: I do not claim to own Star Trek or any property of Paramount's. I've not been paid for this work and have written it in my spare time. The settings, mannerisms, affectations, and the reference to any and all Star Trek canon is used for creative purposes and not for material gain. I own the plot, characters, and much of the settings in place within this story and have not been contracted to produce them.
Genre: Action, Drama
Description: This is the voyage of the Starship Pioneer. Its extended mission to explore the Galactic Core and 3KPC arm, to seek out and render aid to the lost crew of USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant, to map out a clear path through the unknown. So that others may follow.

Author's Note: This is a work in progress. Revisions may come along as time allows, but the basic plot is in place. My effusive thanks to everyone who has encouraged me to continue writing this and my added thanks to those who have put in their constructive criticism. Everyone has moved the process along, and I'm grateful there is continued interest in the project. Peyter Koon's basic challenge to his crew revealed in a latter chapter applies more to me than I expected: "Do you have the stamina to see it though?" The answer I think for me is yes, but it would take far, far longer without the encouragement and input from others. I've also deliberately taken the rating up a notch for convenience sake. I'm a profane fellow and there's no telling how much I've said or implied that will offend tender sensibilities. Rest assured, I know the rating is certainly not G or PG, but PG-13 might be a trifle too mild to take in all I've put down. For this I hope I can be forgiven.


Book I: The Great Barrier (incomplete)

Chapter 1 - Follow the Lost Cause, 14 February 2008
Chapter 2 The Flare, 14 February 2008
Chapter 3 A Clash of Strangers, 14 February 2008
Chapter 4 The Hiding Place and the Answer Men, 10 March 2008
Chapter 5 Cove, 10 March 2008
Chapter 6 Scouts, 28 July 2008
Chapter 7 Atoll, 28 July 2008
Chapter 8 New Life, 28 July 2008
Chapter 9 Constantine, 13 December 2008
Chapter 10 Aligning the Chakras, 23 February 2009

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