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The Briar Patch
By Dinah

Disclaimer: I do not own the Enterprise characters. I do, however, claim ownership of the characters that are the products of my imagination. I have not benefited monetarily from writing this.
Genre: Drama/Adventure/Angst/A sprinkling of lust and love, Trip/T'Pol
Description: This story is a sequel to “The Thorn and the Rose.”

Status: In Progress

Chapter 1 (PG), 14 February 2008
Chapter 2 (PG), 31 March 2008
Chapter 3 (PG-13), 25 July 2008
Chapter 4 (PG-13), 20 October 2008
Chapter 5 (PG), 23 December 2008
Chapter 6 (PG), 26 February 2009
Chapter 7 (PG), 28 May 2009
Chapter 8 (PG-13), 17 April 2010
Chapter 9 (PG-13), 17 April 2010
Chapter 10 (PG-13), 17 April 2010

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