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By Joshua Legg and Joe Burdette

Rating: R
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Genre: Action, Drama
Description: Avalon tells of the journey of one Thomas Hatch, somehow ejected from his life in the 23rd century and dumped into a new time and place where everything is upside down and danger is ever-present.

But he's not alone in this plight. By sheer luck, he's been picked up by the Avalon, a ship run by independent scoundrels and other average people who simply want to make a living in this harsh world.

In this new life, however, there are those who would wish our hapless hero harm. From and all-powerful and ruthless Cult to simple pirates, the Avalon and Hatch himself must keep on their toes to keep flying.

Thus is the quest of Thomas Hatch to find out exactly what happened to him, and more importantly, how to get back home.

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Archivist’s Note: Avalon is actually a scripted series, but since I liked the show and they are no longer producing, I've decided to archive what they produced here in their original PDF format. You might notice that season 2 is a lot shorter than season 1. Unfortunately they had a bit of a hic-up and they had to end season 2 early. Season 3 was their attempt to move forward, but being the rebels that they are, they did something different, so season 3 actually doubles as season 1 of the reincarnation of their show, now only known as "Avalon" rather than "Star Trek: Avalon" as the banner above states.

Pilot Miniseries
"Shattered Heaven I (.pdf)" Written by: Joshua Legg
Release: 18 APR 2005
PN: 0x01
Description: One day, while ferrying some particularly dangerous engine equipment across a region of space known for its instability, Thomas Hatch's shuttle becomes trapped in an anomaly he can't begin to describe. With no way to fly out and seemingly no way to survive, Hatch hunkers down and prepares for the inevitable... And wakes up in a very different place. It seems like familiar space, just different. It's as if everything he knew has been completely turned upside down.

"Shattered Heaven II (.pdf)" Written by: Joshua Legg
Release: 26 May 2005
PN: 0x02
Description: Thomas Hatch's journey continues in the second part of this unprecedented four-hour miniseries. We delve deeper into the mystery of this new time and its strange new inhabitants. New allies are made and malicious enemies flex their muscles.

"Shattered Heaven III (.pdf)" Written by: Joe Burdette
Release: 17 JULY 2005
PN: 0x03
Description: The situation for our crew darkens as the Cult lead them to the last place they expected to go, Hatch must deal with suspicions, and the two stowaway Xindi, Azel and Shera, must prove their will to stay onboard. We also get some long awaited answers.

"Shattered Heaven IV (.pdf)" Written by: Burdette/Legg
Release: 4 SEP 2005
PN: 0x04
Description: Desparation sets in and dire situations force our people aboard the Avalon to face the enemy face-to-face against impossible odds.

Shattered Heaven (full version)

Season One
"Who We Are (.pdf)" Written by: Joshua Legg
Release: 19 SEP 2005
PN: 1x01
Description: Five months after "Shattered Heaven", things look grim for our crew and Avalon. At least until they come across a particularly friendly world and one special lady.......

"A Change of Seasons (.pdf)" Written by: Joe Burdette
Release: 26 SEP 2005
PN: 1x02
Description: Avalon arrives on a world of party time and fun. But not everything is as it seems. Two of Avalon's crew must come face to face with the sins of their fathers. And Siren must endure a horrible ghost of the past.......

"Empathic Advantage (.pdf)" Written by: Burnham/Legg
Release: 03 OCT 2005
PN: 1x03
Description: Zorin is out with a horrible disease and it's up to Hatch to take command of the Avalon. But when someone new is brought aboard, all hell breaks loose.......

"All Roads Lead To... (.pdf)" Written by: Joshua Legg
Release: 10 OCT 2005
PN: 1x04
Description: When word gets out there's a massive Cult warehouse on a distant planet, the crew is elated. But on the way, a mysterious attacker forces the Avalon to set down... and leave two of her crew behind.......

"Aftermath (.pdf)" Written by: Joshua Legg
Release: 17 OCT 2005
PN: 1x05
Description: Back in the 23rd century, Jameson and Melanie deal with the consequences of a prank gone horribly wrong.......

"Sheep Can Live to Twelve Years (.pdf)" Written by: Michael Heriford
Release: 24 OCT 2005
PN: 1x06
Description: Amari wakes up in a cold, cruel hospital ship with no memory of his past or even who he is.......

"Midnight Fire (.pdf)" Written by: Legg/Burdette
Release: 27 DEC 2005
PN: 1x07
Description: Adele faces her past demons as Avalon makes a desperate search for a powerful artifact from the past, something the Cult values more than life itself.......

"I Am Become Death (.pdf)" Written by: Michael Heriford
Release: 09 JAN 2006
PN: 1x08
Description: As Avalon reels following a disastrous pirate raid, Shera relives something she wished she forgot long ago.......

"Little Red-Haired Girl (.pdf)" Written by: Michael Heriford
Release: 08 FEB 2006
PN: 1x09
Description: After Siren and Shera fall victim to an unfortunate accident, Zorin looks to tend a wound that will never heal.......

"Prophecy (.pdf)" Written by: Burdette/Legg
Release: 18 FEB 2006
PN: 1x10
Description: Avalon must make a desperate alliance just to survive even as the galaxy crumbles around one of her own.......

Season Two
"Phoenix Rising" Written by: Burdette/Legg
Release: 16 AUG 2006
PN: 2x01
Description: In the Avalon's darkest, most desperate time of need, an enemy is intent on destroying them. But when a new enemy arises from the ashes of eternity, the future of Avalon is cast into doubt as they are left to the mercy of the Beast.........

"Ghost of Perdition" Written by: Joe Burdette
Release: 30 AUG 2006
PN: 2x02
Description: A man known as Pau'Zauric has appeared on Avalon, claiming to be Siren's brother from ages past. But things quickly turn dark when the enemy which faces Avalon may not be this stranger, but the emotions which haunt the Avalon crew........

"Nerve" Written by: Legg/Heriford/Burdette
Release: 13 SEP 2006
PN: 2x03
Description: Avalon takes on a job to transport a murderer across space. When Hatch starts to realize he's been different since his experiences in Phoenix Rising, his answers may lie with this eccentric criminal and the war inside his own head...........

"Hatch, Inturrupted" Written by: Joshua Legg
Release: 27 SEP 2006
PN: 2x04
Description: Stolen from his home on Avalon, Thomas Hatch is now a converted servant of the Cult. Can he learn to accept his new life? Can he learn to accept his loss? Can the crew of the Avalon?........

"Divided We Fall" Written by: Joe Burdette
Release: 11 OCT 2006
PN: 2x05
Description: They've been together for years, working side by side, but now old rivalries and memories which refuse to die may threaten to tear Avalon apart. And someone's going to pay the price........

"Memento Mori" Written by: Burdette/Legg
PN: 2x06
Description: Events have been set in motion, and Avalon as we know it is about to change.

Season Three
"The Way of Fate" Written by: Joseph Burdette
Release: 31 JUL 2007
PN: 3x01
Description: It's been six years since we left Avalon. Six years since we ended the tale. But a chance meeting of fate will bring it all back.

"Glory" Written by: Joshua Legg
Release: 31 JUL 2007
PN: 3x02
Description: Six years after her decision to save Avalon and her child by joining the Cult, Siren's decision has finally come full circle...

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